Sunday, April 1, 2012

Welcome to The Beach House. antiques and collectibles . I am a stay at home mom with a nine year old and five 6 year olds you have read it right yes, five 6 year olds. I am a mother of quints. Starting this business is a way for me to stay home and also earn cash on the side. I search the goodwill, garage sales, and Estate sales for antiques and collectibles as well as old furniture to restore. I love shopping for old things cleaning them and making them shine.
Now for the business name. When I was a little girl my grandparents owned a beach House in driftwood keys Washington. every summer the entire family would stay there cousins, grandparents , aunts and uncles. the home was built by my grandfather but the items in the house came from every person in the family. My moms old couches , my aunts dishes, and grandmas silverware. All the old pass me downs ended up at the beach house and they were well loved by the entire family. that is the way I pick my items for The Beach House, with my childhood in mind. I  love things that are cozy, homey, and beautiful . Thank you for looking and I hope my store can make you smile.

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